Dr. Appointment

I have a Doctors appointment in Houston Tuesday June 3rd with (Nicholas Papadopoulos) to find out how they want to do the radiation. I will come back to Midland and start radiation on Wednesday or Thursday. I’m a little nervous about doing radiation and how my body will react to it. I’ve heard that the main side effect is it zaps all the energy you have. If any of you have any insight on how your body react to radiation please let me know.

As of right now I’m feeling great. I actually went out to the minor league baseball game here in Midland last night for a while with some buddies. It felt good to see people in a setting other than my house or the hospital and talk about something other than my fight with cancer.

Well I’ve got to go wake Sydney up for the last day of school.

I can’t say this enough but thanks to everyone again for all the support you’ve given Kim, Sydney and i over the last three weeks. You all have been AWESOME.


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