Back in Houston

Well we are back in Houston but thankfully it was a scheduled trip. We saw Dr. Bedikian today at 4:30 and he basically wants to wait until Dr. Rao (The Neurosurgeon)┬áis done with everything he’s doing before he gets started on the stuff he’s going to do. I have an appointment with Dr. Rao at 1:30 tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have a better idea after that where are at.

As far as how I’m feeling it’s OK. I’m tired ALL the time so it’s hard to tell. Other than that I generally feel good. I can tell you the I’m tired of being tired all the damn time. Hopefully they will start tapering me off some of these drugs I’m on soon so I can get to feeling better. Believe it or not but I really want to get back to work. I’m going to ask Dr. Rao tomorrow if I can go back for at least for half a day. That may be exactly what i need to get me going.

I will update the blog tomorrow after we see Dr. Rao.

Much Love,

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