October Update

Well I’ll start off with the OU-Texas game. Several friends of mine got together and sprung to send Kim, Sydney and I to the game. Robby Plummer went with us so he could drive us there. He didn’t complain to much about it though because he got to go to the game. The outcome was kind of crappy but oh well. Like I told a couple of other people in the last 6 months I’ve had a sudden change in priorities. It bothered me for about as long as it took to get out of the Cotton Bowl. I was a little worn out after the game so i went and rented one of those little scooters that you see people using at the mall. It was funny to look at people as I was cruising that thing around the State Fair. I think they thought I was just being lazy. It was the best 45 bucks I’ve ever spent because let me follow Sydney around at the fair. Just watching her ride the roller coasters and the other rides made it worth the trip.

Now for the Houston trip. I was real nervous about this trip because it was the first trip back to Houston to get scanned and I didn’t know what to expect. We spent the Thursday there doing the scans and such. We got done with those about 1PM then had the wait until 3PM Friday to see the Doc. We got really good news. Although they found what appeared to be 2 new small tumors they also found that the rest of the tumors were either shrinking or maintaining their size. This is excellent news because the goal of chemo was to just maintaining the size of the tumors. They did not expect any shrinkage at all so they were as surprised and pleased as we were about the outcome of the scans. So I start another round of chemo next week just like I’ve been doing. You’re prayers are working so keep em’ coming.

Much Love,

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