The Day After…..

Finally in a room as of midnight.  Very long day yesterday.  Dr. Rao came by this morning and let us know that Robert may be released on Saturday.  I am the one doing the update today because he won’t sit down.  In fact, he just served me a nice Dr. Pepper.  We are about to cruise the hospital and go outside via wheelchair for him.  Now he is cleaning the room.  One of the tumors removed must have been suppressing the “cleaning” gene for quite a while.

The next round of treatment will be 10 days of whole brain radiation in around two weeks.  Chemo soon after to zap the lung and abdomen tumors.  This will be done in Midland and we will come back to Houston in a month to rescan everything.  Dr. Rao states that he successfully removed the two large tumors that were golfball size (I believe it is a sign to give it up now)  I am just glad that he doesn’t play tennis.  Big thanks to everyone that is on this journey with us. I am so grateful to all and we are very fortunate to have friends and family like we do.  Stay tuned for the next episode.  Hugs!!!


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