Surgery Update

Robert is out of surgery in stable condition.  He is in ICU.  The surgery was originally planned for about an hour in length but turned into four.  This one was actually more complicated than the one we did originally to remove the two tumors.  They did get the abscess pocket which was the goal.  They said it turned out to be a very rare infection (I am so glad we decided to go to Houston). The infection started out as a sinus infection that moved to the brain.   They did say he would be in the hospital for more than a couple of days due to this type of infection.  If the infection does come back, we will have to do it all again.  He is still experiencing small seizures but they said that was to be expected. We will be doing another MRI this afternoon.  He did say they plan on another cycle of chemo but they did not say when we would start.

We know you are all praying for us and we ask you to continue and ramp it up……

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