Well last Thursday I woke up at around 7:00 feeling very good. I guess you could call it the calm before the storm. i was sitting on the couch about noon watching sportscenter when all the sudden it felt like I had 1000 pounds dropped on my chest and just sat there. I called Kimberly at work and she rushed towards Midland. Not all of you know she works in Odessa so by the time she got home it was at least 20 minutes. She called my sister Debbie who lives right around the corner. By the time my sister got to my house I was completely unable to get off the ground. I had to crawl to the door to open it for her. Debbie called 911 and we were off to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital I was in pretty bad shape my blood pressure was 60/40. I’m no doctor but I didn’t think that was good. They rushed me in to look at my chest and found several clots in my lungs. At that point we had to make a decision in about 2 minutes. You see the cancer I have is what they like to call a “bleeding tumor cancer”. The best way to help with a blood clot is to hit it with a high dose of blood thinner. There’s the problem with this. If I take any blood thinners the I run the risk of the tumors starting to bleed and if they bleed to much it probably would have been fatal.

Our 2 options were to do nothing and see if the clots would naturally break up which the ER doc did not think they would do. Had we done this I might have never made it out of the ER. The other option was to give the blood thinner and hope that the tumors didn’t bleed. Luckily for us they was no bleeding.

I’m at home now but I’ve go to go back to the doctor every day to get my blood levels checked but it’s better than being in that hospital bed.

I will let you know if there are any changes.

Much Love,

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