Summer Update

Hi everyone!!!!  Sorry for the span between updates but it has been a roller coaster ride for us.  I will start off with the fun stuff first.  We had two fun-filled weekends at Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo just enjoying jet skiing, boating, and time with our friends.  Everything went well except for someone sucking up a nylon rope in the jet ski and I won’t  say any names to protect, shall I say, a very responsible fun-loving person.

Next, was a short visit in Houston with a follow-up appt. with the infection control doctors.  Good news there with a release from their care.  We took Sydney with us this time and treated her to the zoo, the Aquarium, and swimming at the hotel.  Although it wasn’t much of a vacation, she loved every minute of it.

Robert then decided to take a trip to Vegas before starting chemo and off we went.  We check into our hotel and couldn’t believe our room when we opened the door– someone had the hotel upgrade our room to a suite.  It was great and we love them for it!!!  So we spent four days gambling, shopping, good food and cocktails, more gambling, and just enjoying life.  We saw Penn and Teller one night and that responsible, fun-loving person dropped her camera into  her margarita..  That called for more cocktails!!!!  I want to thank Lance, Lori, Jeff, Claudia, Jared, and Mike for a great weekend.  That meant the world to us for joining us on such short notice.

Back to Houston for CAT scans, MRI’s, and consults with the doctors next.  Dr. Bedikian, the oncologist, gave us three options of the type of chemo to go through.  We chose the moderate level because the side effects aren’t as severe as the aggressive and could possibly achieve the same results.  However, we could change to the aggressive pending its effectiveness.  Also, the moderate chemo can be done here in Midland with no hospital stay.  So, we are waiting for the call to get it started.  The appt. with Dr. Rao ,the neurosurgeon, could have been better.  He stated that everything looks good considering, but there are three new, very small brain tumors that have developed.  Dr. Rao still has confidence in starting with the chemo as planned and that is all we needed to hear. So, we are asking everyone to continue with prayers and support as we get ready to start our next journey.

We love you all and want to thank everyone for taking care of us.  It is greatly appreciated and stay tuned!!!

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